Posted by: Dexter and Pamela Montgomery | March 4, 2012

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Do you have real estate deals coming to you? To have real estate deals coming to you, you will need to let people know that you are in business by placing ads in the newspaper, placing ads on the Internet, and placing bandit signs on the street. Placing ads on the Internet may be your first consideration because it’s free.

Using the Internet for advertising is much more cost effective than any other advertising media. Despite the Internet being more cost effective, you still need to learn how to target your market. On the other hand, placing ads in the newspaper and posting signs on the street will cost more than using the Internet, but placing ads in the newspaper and posting signs on the street, may be easier to target a specific area and market.

Regardless of the advertising method(s) you select, people will see your ad and call you. The people who do not call, you will have to find them.


Finding the people who do not call you can be accomplished by making calls to all the ads in the newspaper, all the ads on the Internet, and all the “We Buy houses” signs you see on the street. Making all these calls will serve two purposes:

1) to inquire about potential real estate deals, and
2) to let the other person know you are looking for real estate deals.

Calling the ads in the newspaper and on the Internet is a good way to introduce oneself to other investors and owners interested in selling their houses. Calling the “We Buy Houses” ads and signs will introduce you to other investors. Contacting other investors will also let you know if they have any houses for sale and what type of houses they are interested in buying. Those first few calls can be stressful.  Just remember to use The Savvy InvestorTM  Interview Format of fact, goal, and challenge type questions to qualify a potential dream team member.

Contacting other investors is also a good way to develop your buyers list. Knowing what other investors are looking for will help you when it comes time for you to sell the property you have acquired.
To find out more about making the real estate deals come to you go to


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