Posted by: Dexter and Pamela Montgomery | January 1, 2013

The Four Steps for Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

You may be thinking, “How do I begin investing in real estate?” 

“How do I take the first step?”  You may even have a more basic

question, “Is this something that I really want to do?”  This post

discusses the four steps that you should take to help you answer

the question whether real estate investing is the right path for

 Investigating the Possibilities


1.         Search the Internet

Start your investigation by using the Internet.

The Internet can be an invaluable source of information about

getting started in this business of acquiring real property to

sell, rent, or develop. You can find thousands of  experienced

investors on the Internet who have websites and blogs, offer free

on-line seminars, and who are willing to send you free information

that can help you get started.  Before spending any of your own

money, look to the Internet as a source of free, timely, and

important information on how to become successful in this area of

business. I use the word business, because to be successful, you

must treat investing  as a business and not a hobby.

 2.         Read Books:  Continue your

investigation by reading books. Start by educating yourself about

the business. Your public library is full of free books that you

can borrow to study and find out more in-depth information about

getting started in property investing. You can also buy books if

you think they will be a long-term resource in your education about

this business.


3.         Attend Seminars:  After you have

a basic familiarity about this topic, and think this may be the

type of business that you are truly interested in pursuing, then

you should attend seminars where

you can meet other like minded-individuals.  As you are

investigating the possibilities of getting started in this

business, these seminars can be invaluable sources of information. 

At a real estate seminar you can find a network of individuals who

can be the source of encouragement and potential



4.         Conduct more specific

research: Once you have a better understanding of this

business and if you are still interested and excited, now you need

to get more specific in your investigations.  Find out about the

various opportunities for investing in real estate, such as: single-

family residential units, multifamily residential units, or

commercial properties like larger apartment complexes, shopping and

storage centers, and office



Once you have

investigated the possibilities about investing in real estate by

searching the Internet, reading books, attending seminars, and

conducting more specific research about the various opportunities

available, then you need to make up your mind.   Is real estate

investing really for me? Once you decide, please let us know. We

would love to hear from you.

Remember that with real estate

investing as one part of your financial plan, you can create the

life of your dreams by following a few time-proven strategies and

techniques. Download a free article on real estate investing at:


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