Posted by: Dexter and Pamela Montgomery | January 26, 2013

What Has Your Education Done For You Lately?

Dexter with Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple.

Dexter with Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple.

Are you $80,000.00 in debt for your college education and can’t make

a decent living? A recent story on the CNN’s Money website really

caught my eye and made me wonder, what has your education done for

you lately? Are you learning the right things in school for today’s

global economy? Or, are you learning an antiquated educational

curriculum that is irrelevant to today’s economy? I surmise that you

are still doing the same old thing and expecting a different result

as it relates to your education, your professional career

objectives, and your personal economy.

MBA’s: A Dime a Dozen?

Case in point, the CNN story entitled, “My Master’s wasn’t Worth It” (, highlighted a young man who spent

$120,000 to earn a Master of Business Administration(MBA) and

another Masters Degree only to find that he could not find a job.

This young man stated that people with MBA’s and Master Degrees

are a dime a dozen and that after interviewing with various

companies, he was told that he was either “overqualified” or” high

risk”. The high risk part really surprised me. This means that

because of his high level of education, the company did not want to

hire him because they thought he would leave if he were offered

another job making more money.

So back to my question for you, what has your education done for you

lately? Don’t’ get me wrong, I am not against education. As a matter

of fact, I have advanced degrees in business and in management.

However, I believe that you must have the right education for

today’s economy. In addition, without the right education, you end

up at the whim of the business climate, or the company that you work

for. When things are good, things might be good for you. However,

when things are bad, you are thrown on the heap with all of the of

other advance degree holding folk trying to figure out what happened.

What is the Right Education?

So you are asking, what is the right education? Well, I believe that

the people who learn how to invest in real estate, or how to build

and buy businesses are the ones who will be hiring the MBA’s. After

all, somebody will have to run the day to day operations of the

company while the owners are vacationing in Maui. I also believe

that people who take their passions and turn them into businesses

will be wildly more successful than anyone with an MBA from a top

business school.

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