Posted by: Dexter and Pamela Montgomery | January 31, 2013

The 10X Challenge™: Do You Understand Success?

Dexter with Dr. John Gray, Author of Men are From Mars, Women From Venus.

Dexter with Dr. John Gray, Author of Men are From Mars, Women From Venus.

Earlier this week I asked if you were ready to take The 10X

Challenge™. According to Grant Cardone, a New York Times

best-selling author and internationally recognized sales training

expert, successful people know and follow the 10X Rule. In his

latest book, The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and

Failure, Cardone sets forth the principle that if you adjust your

actions and thinking to 10X levels you will guarantee success.

I hope that you are ready to learn some of the tips that can lead

to your extraordinary success. But before you can reach an

extraordinary level of success, you first need to understand


What is Success?

In his highly helpful and very motivating book Cardone effectively

demonstrates that when you adjust your thinking and your actions,

you can achieve extraordinary levels of success. The 10X Rule helps

you pick the right goals and the right level of effort. Most

people are satisfied with average goals and achieve only average

outcomes. But according to Cardone, average is not good enough.

You need to adjust your thinking to dare to dream bigger than ever

you have ever imagined. Then you need to adjust your actions to

achieve those gigantic dreams.

Cardone convincingly argues that success is created—not acquired.

You may have to adjust your thinking to understand that somehow

success is not in short supply. Many people think, “if I am

successful, then you can’t be successful”. However, we each can

create our own success. Success is entirely possible for

everyone. Success is not a scarce resource or commodity that can

only be had by the highest bidder.

Are You Ready for Success?

Now that you have a better understanding of success, are you ready

for it? Can you wrap your mind around the idea that you too can be

extraordinarily successful? Are you ready to invest in that first

or tenth piece of real estate? Let us show you how!


Join The Savvy Investor Program™ today! Send us

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