Posted by: Dexter and Pamela Montgomery | February 4, 2013

The Time for Investing Is Now!

The HUD score card for December 2012, released in January 2013

shows that mortgage rates continue to be at record lows while

homes remain highly affordable. This information from Freddie Mac

and the National Association of Realtors is good news for


Now is the time to invest. The more stabilized and encouraging

situation being predicted by both the US Government and the private

sector shows that there will be potential for healthy competition

among real estate investors but, clearly, savvy investors will be

the ones to get a significant part of the pie. They will know how

to analyze each opportunity appropriately and make the best deals

on both ends of the process.

The wave of foreclosures may have ebbed, but there is still a huge

opportunity to buy at rock bottom prices. (We haven’t seen this

sort of chaos in the housing market since the Great Depression.)

Naive investors are running scared. They see lower home values or

slow sales, and they choose to sit on the sidelines and mumble

things like, “I’m playing it safe. I’ll jump in once things have

settled down.” Savvy investors laugh at this “poor man’s mindset.”

Savvy investors realize that they’re not investing in an entire

market, just in one great deal at a time. They know that the best

time to invest is when there is the most opportunity. And clearly,

that time is now. Warren Buffet explained it perfectly, “I will

tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when

others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.”

In today’s market, others are fearful. What will you choose to be?

We recommend you choose to be rich.


Based on your goals, decide if there is a particular geographical

area you in which you would like to invest first. We found it best

to begin in our own backyard, so to speak. You probably will too,

but do your own research. Learn as much as you can about all types

of real estate investment opportunities and start thinking about

which might hold the most interest for you.


Remember that with real estate investing as one part of your

financial plan, you can create the life of your dreams by following

a few time-proven strategies and techniques. Download a free

article on real estate investing at:



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