Posted by: Dexter and Pamela Montgomery | February 12, 2013

You Can Get It Done!!

Dexter Montgomery with James Malincheck, host of ABC television network, Secret Millionaire.

Dexter Montgomery with James Malincheck, host of ABC television network, Secret Millionaire.

What’s your motivation? What drives you to get up in the morning

and do what you do? The answer to this question will determine

whether you are focused on your goals or just procrastinating and

putting thing off until the next time.

Many people often ask, how do I find the time to run a business,

invest in real estate, take care of family, write books and blogs,

stay active in my church and civic responsibilities and do all the

other things that I do. I simply tell them that I stay focused on

the task at hand and minimize my distractions.

Have you heard the old cliché, an idle mind is the playground of the

devil? Well, I think that the idle mind keeps us from doing the

things we need to do to live the kind of life we want to live. In

our society, there are so many things that distract us from being

the best that we can be.

You see most successful people value productivity. They like to get

things done. They choose the things that they do well, which make

that thing more pleasurable. They never expect work to be as fun as

say a vacation, but they feel it’s a worthwhile tradeoff. So they

work, not as little as they can, but as much as possible without

hurting their health, relationships or the quality of their work.

They put their heads on their pillows each night feeling good about

themselves that they got something accomplished which will be them

closer to their goals.

Below are five steps to help you turn procrastination into


1. Understand why you procrastinate

Procrastination often is a way for you to put off change or the

unknown for a little while longer or to hold back from doing

something that can be scary. I’ve also found that people

procrastinate because they’re not ready to do something. Until

they’re ready, they’ll put off their next steps, whatever those may

be. Understanding the reason behind your procrastination can be the

first step to realizing how to move forward.

2. Know what things are distractions

A recent study found that procrastination is on the rise and it is

making people poorer, fatter and unhappier. Even with the best

intentions, being productive can be challenging. With technology all

around, distractions are often effortless and unnoticeable.

Particularly for those of us who have iPhones, iPads, Droids,

computers, and TV. These distractions can derail all productivity.

Try to avoid distractions by turning off these devices. Also resist

the urge to check Facebook, Tweeter or other social media during

your most productive time.

3. Master Productive Procrastination.

Sometime even with no distractions it’s sometimes difficult to

suddenly stop procrastinating. That’s why you should begin by

listing the tasks you have to do, in order of importance from the

most urgent to the least important. With your tendency to

procrastinate, you’ll avoid items on your list by completing others,

and actually become productive in the process.

4. Manage the Details

When you have managed to complete the smaller, less important tasks

on your “to do” list, facing the bigger, more important projects can

be challenging.

In the Savvy Investor Program™ I often develop a list of five things

clients can do to break past the procrastination. Then we help them

decide on one action for the week from this list of five that they

commit to taking that week.

I believe that by taking larger goals and breaking them down into

smaller steps makes the process more manageable. For example, if you

have a report that’s due, you can break down the project into

smaller pieces: brainstorm topic, create outline, write

introduction, etc. Once you have completed these smaller tasks, you

can commit to one action item to focus on until they’re all complete.

5. Get Coaching

No matter how you plan out the details, sometimes the one thing you

need to be productive is coaching. Coaching helps you to be

accountable. All successful people have coaching as part of their

formula for success. Coaching allows you to create accountability in

a number of ways. It keeps you focused and helps you strategize the

goals that you have set for yourself.

With these five strategies to use, you’ve got all the tools you need

to be productive. So what are you waiting for? Get to work! Join us

at The Book On Investing ( to learn more on what you

need to help you create the life of your dreams.


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