Posted by: Dexter and Pamela Montgomery | February 18, 2013

Tithe, Save, Invest : Are They Part of Your Formula for Success?

Running a successful business takes massive effort and the right

mindset. We have found that one key part of the proper mindset for

success is establishing a solid financial foundation. We are often

asked, “How do you achieve a solid financial foundation?” It’s

actually very simple. Tithe. Save. Invest. That’s the formula that

has worked for us. Perhaps you might want to try it.


For us, the principle of tithing is based on our Christian faith.

However it is a universal principle no matter your faith. We

believe that you should give God a share of what He has given you.

Tithing is more than just money. It includes your time, your

talents, your gifts and anything else that you have been blessed

with. In my previous blog, “Sometimes it’s not about the Money,” I

mentioned that tithing includes giving of you to make other peoples’

lives better. Tithing allows you to show just how appreciative you

are for the blessings that have been bestowed upon you.


The second part of the formula is saving. Saving allows you to put

aside some of the fruits of your labor for when you need it most. It

allows you to accumulate capital and have instant access to these

resources. Savings can help you achieve some of your financial

goals. Whether it’s a comfortable retirement, a down payment for a

house, or a new car, or stereo, you can get there by setting money

aside. And best of all, you can have what you want without getting

bogged down in debt. The unfortunate part of saving is that it does

not allow for much growth. Saving should lead to investing in some

of the instruments or types of property that I mention below.


This third principle is based on the fact that you need to invest in

something that will allow you an adequate return on investment

(ROI). Investing means that you believe in a something so much, that

you expect it to pay dividends in the future. Investing can take

many forms. You can invest in paper instruments such as stocks,

bonds or notes. Or like us, you can invest in real property such

as, houses, apartments, commercial buildings, and land. Or you can

invest in businesses. One of the most important investments you can

make is to invest in yourself through education, coaching and

mentoring. The key to successful investing is to know why you are

investing and to understand every aspect of your investment.


To learn more about these principles and for your free copy of our

recent report on how you can develop the mindset and habits needed

to become a successful real estate investor click here:


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