Posted by: Dexter and Pamela Montgomery | March 11, 2013

Personal Finances: Are You Taking One Step Forward and Two Steps Backward?

Do you feel like you are losing ground financially? Do you feel like you just can’t get ahead? You work hard and try to be wise with your spending and savings, but your standard of living seems to keep going down. You just can’t seem to put your finger (or in this case foot) on the problem. Well, if you are in the middle class there are economic forces working against your interest that are keeping you from living the kind of life that you have worked so hard to build. And the bad news is that it may be getting worse.

You see, the price of everything is going up. We have all seen the increases in the prices of gas, housing, food, health care and the other basics that you need to survive. The prices are increasing faster than wages are growing. A recent story in the news indicates that “America’s median household income has dropped by more than $4,000 since 2000, after adjusting for inflation. The typical trappings of middle-class life are slipping out of financial reach for many families”.

On the other hand (again foot), what’s really interesting in all of this, is that the top 1% earners are getting wealthier. It’s estimated that between 1993 and 2011, the top 1% of America’s earners saw their income soar by 58%, while everyone else only got a 6% bump. This means that the top 1% earners are doing something that middle income earners need to follow just to keep up.

The wealthy follow a simple formula that keeps them in the higher income categories. They understand the value of building businesses, investing in real estate, and in educating themselves through coaching and mentoring.


You have a choice to make. Do you stay on the treadmill of life hoping for wages to increase or by finding another job? Or, do you decide to take the steps to make life better for you and your family to never look back?

In The Savvy Investor Program™, we teach you how to create your own economy. We help you get off the treadmill. Remember that with real estate investing as one part of your financial plan, you can create the life of your dreams by following a few time-proven strategies and techniques. Today, buy your copy of The Book on Investing at: http.//

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  1. Life is all about choices we are making along the way: people we work with , education,and our educators. Before I met you, I use to believe that I know enough.
    I changed my mindset since, and I am fascinated but what is happening and what is available for people eager to learn. Great Concept, Dex and Pam! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for your insight!

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