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The 10X Challenge™: Do You Understand Success?

Dexter with Dr. John Gray, Author of Men are From Mars, Women From Venus.

Dexter with Dr. John Gray, Author of Men are From Mars, Women From Venus.

Earlier this week I asked if you were ready to take The 10X

Challenge™. According to Grant Cardone, a New York Times

best-selling author and internationally recognized sales training

expert, successful people know and follow the 10X Rule. In his

latest book, The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and

Failure, Cardone sets forth the principle that if you adjust your

actions and thinking to 10X levels you will guarantee success.

I hope that you are ready to learn some of the tips that can lead

to your extraordinary success. But before you can reach an

extraordinary level of success, you first need to understand


What is Success?

In his highly helpful and very motivating book Cardone effectively

demonstrates that when you adjust your thinking and your actions,

you can achieve extraordinary levels of success. The 10X Rule helps

you pick the right goals and the right level of effort. Most

people are satisfied with average goals and achieve only average

outcomes. But according to Cardone, average is not good enough.

You need to adjust your thinking to dare to dream bigger than ever

you have ever imagined. Then you need to adjust your actions to

achieve those gigantic dreams.

Cardone convincingly argues that success is created—not acquired.

You may have to adjust your thinking to understand that somehow

success is not in short supply. Many people think, “if I am

successful, then you can’t be successful”. However, we each can

create our own success. Success is entirely possible for

everyone. Success is not a scarce resource or commodity that can

only be had by the highest bidder.

Are You Ready for Success?

Now that you have a better understanding of success, are you ready

for it? Can you wrap your mind around the idea that you too can be

extraordinarily successful? Are you ready to invest in that first

or tenth piece of real estate? Let us show you how!


Join The Savvy Investor Program™ today! Send us

an email at

Remember that with real estate investing as one part of your

financial plan, you can create the life of your dreams by following

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Are You Ready for Extraordinary Success?

Dexter and Pamela Montgomery

Dexter and Pamela Montgomery

Have you ever wondered why some people are so successful and you

just can’t quite seem to reach the level of success that you

deserve and desire? I know how you feel! Well, I recently read a

fantastic book that may have the answers to your questions about

achieving an extraordinary level of success. I find that reading

business books by authors who are wildly successful inspire me and

give me a broader perspective on my business. You may want to

take 30 minutes every day to read a book that will help keep you


The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and


According to Grant Cardone, a New York Times best-selling author

and internationally recognized sales training expert, successful

people know and follow the 10X Rule. In his latest book,

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and

Failure, Cardone sets forth the principle that if you

adjust your actions and thinking to 10X levels you will guarantee

success. This very readable and exciting book is not your ordinary

business book about setting goals and achieving them. This book

sets forth a way of life that allows you to (1) create

extraordinary achievement, (2) ensure that you will keep it, and

(3) create new levels of achievement without it feeling like work.

I found it motivational, inspirational, and eye-opening. It helped

me focus on what was really important in achieving extraordinary


Are You Ready for The 10X Challenge™?

The information in this book is extremely helpful for anyone who

wants to receive greater levels of success in any area of life. I

would highly recommend it to any aspiring real estate investor or

other entrepreneur. You can find the book at

Are you ready for The 10X Challenge™? Are you ready to set gigantic

goals and take the massive action necessary to achieve those

goals? If you are ready to achieve extraordinary success, follow

my blog so that you get the latest information on how you can

achieve extraordinary success. Over the next few days, I will be

writing about some of the tips set out in The 10X Rules.


We would love to hear from you. Let us know if you plan to join us

in The 10X Challenge™. Send us an e-mail:

Remember that with real estate investing as one part of your

financial plan, you can create the life of your dreams by following

a few time-proven strategies and techniques. Download a free

article on real estate investing at:

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What Has Your Education Done For You Lately?

Dexter with Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple.

Dexter with Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple.

Are you $80,000.00 in debt for your college education and can’t make

a decent living? A recent story on the CNN’s Money website really

caught my eye and made me wonder, what has your education done for

you lately? Are you learning the right things in school for today’s

global economy? Or, are you learning an antiquated educational

curriculum that is irrelevant to today’s economy? I surmise that you

are still doing the same old thing and expecting a different result

as it relates to your education, your professional career

objectives, and your personal economy.

MBA’s: A Dime a Dozen?

Case in point, the CNN story entitled, “My Master’s wasn’t Worth It” (, highlighted a young man who spent

$120,000 to earn a Master of Business Administration(MBA) and

another Masters Degree only to find that he could not find a job.

This young man stated that people with MBA’s and Master Degrees

are a dime a dozen and that after interviewing with various

companies, he was told that he was either “overqualified” or” high

risk”. The high risk part really surprised me. This means that

because of his high level of education, the company did not want to

hire him because they thought he would leave if he were offered

another job making more money.

So back to my question for you, what has your education done for you

lately? Don’t’ get me wrong, I am not against education. As a matter

of fact, I have advanced degrees in business and in management.

However, I believe that you must have the right education for

today’s economy. In addition, without the right education, you end

up at the whim of the business climate, or the company that you work

for. When things are good, things might be good for you. However,

when things are bad, you are thrown on the heap with all of the of

other advance degree holding folk trying to figure out what happened.

What is the Right Education?

So you are asking, what is the right education? Well, I believe that

the people who learn how to invest in real estate, or how to build

and buy businesses are the ones who will be hiring the MBA’s. After

all, somebody will have to run the day to day operations of the

company while the owners are vacationing in Maui. I also believe

that people who take their passions and turn them into businesses

will be wildly more successful than anyone with an MBA from a top

business school.

To learn more about the right education for this new economy, read

The Book On Investing ( In

The Book On Investing, we show you that with the right education and taking massive action, you can create the life of your dreams. Join The Savvy Investor Program™ today.


Remember that with real estate investing as one part of your financial plan, you can create the life of your dreams by following a few time-proven strategies and techniques. Download your free article on real estate investing at:

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What’s Your Plan B?

Dexter and Pamela Montgomery receive award for "The Book on Investing" at the Ultimate Author Bootcamp in Toronto, Canada.

Dexter and Pamela Montgomery receive award for “The Book on Investing” at the Ultimate Author Bootcamp in Toronto, Canada.

Like my parents always told me, and like I tell my son, and

everyone else I talk to, don’t be caught in life without a Plan B.

What is your Plan B?

A Plan B can be defined as a blueprint that will give you options

or alternatives when your original plan is not working. The object

of having a Plan B is to have something to fall back on in case the

first thing you try doesn’t succeed. As business owners and

investors, we always have an exit strategy when we negotiate a deal

or buy a piece of property. We also use this strategy in our

professional lives.

I recently read an article in The New York Times about five people

over 50 who took chances and reinvented their careers. The article

titled “Over 50, and Under No Illusions” describes how these people who

were too young to retire and too old to start over changed their

lives by having a Plan B. You see, the world has changed. The

economy has changed. No more can you rely on a job to take care of

your needs, to support your family, and to see you through until

retirement. The old model of going to school, getting a job and

working for 40 years is a thing of the past for most of us. Our

system of Social Security is struggling to stay alive. Big

companies aren’t taking care of their employees anymore. There

aren’t any pensions. In addition, corporations are shipping jobs to

places where they can get cheap labor, pay no benefits, and

maximize their profits.

In addition, those of you who are fortunate enough to have decent

paying jobs with benefits, often find that you are squeezed between

taking care of your children who can’t find employment and perhaps

having to take care of your aging parents who are struggling to

make ends meet. So you see having a Plan B should not be an option

in today’s economy. It is a necessity!

This might sound like a lot of doom and gloom. But this could be a

good thing. Never at any other time in history has it been better

to become an investor or business owner. More millionaires have

been made during this recession then at any other time in history.

The power of the Internet has brought the power of entrepreneurship

down to the people. Goods and services are being sold 24/7 on a

global scale. Why aren’t more people seeing this opportunity and

doing this?

At the Book On Investing, we believe that people

should have a Plan B in order to survive in this economy. We

believe that your Plan B should consist of investing in real

estate, developing and buying businesses, etc. Let us work with you

on your Plan B and show you how we are helping our clients create

the life of their dreams by investing in a Plan B.

Join us as we explore Plan B options for you. Contact us at

Enter your email address to follow our blog to ensure you don’t

miss the latest information on investing and business.

Also for your free copy of our recent article on getting started as

a real estate investor click here:

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Still Not Branded? What’s Stopping You?

James Lafferty, former CEO of Coke, with the Pam and Dexter, Raymond Aaron, Dr. Mark Mckerkow, Connie Ragen Green at The UAB

This the second in a series of articles on the importance of branding yourself in today’s economy. As I mentioned in my earlier post, branding is a way to separate you, your product or service from the crowd. It’s the uniqueness that you offer that others are attracted to.

Most people don’t realize the importance of branding and how branding helps you increase your success in everything that you do. For example, did you know that your name is a brand? So, what are people saying about you? Are people attracted to you because you have a good reputation? Do you follow through, complete tasks, repay money? Do you take care of business? These are some of the things that signify a good brand in a person. As my Grandma would say, “Mean what you say, and say what you mean.”

Not knowing the importance of your brand can mean the difference between your current level of success and a higher level of success. I am sure you know some people who have had excellent brands but have diminished their value in some form. You hear about it every day in the news. For example, you often hear about a celebrity or professional athlete, who has created a multi-million dollar brand who does something to tarnish his reputation. Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Lindsey Lohan are just a few who come to mind. Recovery and brand restoration from these disasters are possible, but the damage can be lasting.

Branding is important in any business. What separates your business from all of the rest? Your business must be unique in today’s economy to get noticed. For example, professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and accountants are beginning to use the power of branding to increase their business. They have realized that just being a Doctor, a Lawyer, or a Dentist is not going to guarantee success. There are so many of these professionals. The public has so many choices that it’s hard to tell them apart. For example, now lawyers are becoming The Injury Lawyers, The Accident Lawyers, or The Malpractice Lawyers. They are branding themselves as the authority in their fields. These professionals are saying that nobody can do it like they can.

Having the right brand is critical for your business. It determines where your brand will be on the “Branding Ladder”. On the Branding Ladder, you can go from brand absence, which means you have no brand to brand advocacy where people insist on only doing business with you. I will discuss this concept in more detail in a future post.

In The Book On Investing and The Savvy Investor Program™, we demonstrate to you how we are building a brand for our real estate investment firm, RADAR Investment, It’s Always On, We use the principles of branding to separate the firm all of the other real estate investment firms. We are always on 24/7 looking for the best deal for our clients.

To find out more about how you can brand and grow your business in today’s economy (1) Sign up to receive our blog and other valuable business information and(2) Join us at Raymond Aaron’s The Ultimate Author Bootcamp ™ (

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The Rich are Getting Richer. But Are You?

Dexter and Eric Trump

The Bloomberg Billionaires Index recently reported that the world’s 100 richest people added $241 billion to their combined wealth in 2012. At the top of the list of billionaires is Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim — now worth $75.8 billion. Slim is said to have enjoyed the second largest gain in his fortune. His net worth increased by $13.4 billion. Also on the list of billionaires are Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the Walton heirs to the Wal-Mart fortune and others. According to the story, the ballooning wallets of the world’s richest people is not a new trend.

“In the United States, for example, the wealth gap between the country’s richest Americans and “typical” families is said to have “more than doubled” in the past five decades, according to some estimates.

Citing a report by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), CNN’s Tami Luhby declared in September 2012 that the wealthiest 1 percent are now “288 times richer than you.”

“That trend is happening for two reasons,” Luhby explained. “Not only are the rich getting richer, but the middle class is also getting poorer.”

According to the EPI data, the net worth of a median household in the U.S. was $57,000 in 2010. In 1983, that figure was $73,000.

On the other hand, the average net worth of the top 1 percent of the country has swelled. In 1983, their average net worth was said to be about $9.6 million. In 2010, that number jumped to about $16.4 million. How much did you add to yours?”


If you are interested in creating more wealth for you, your family, your community, and your future, now is the time to take action.

Real Estate Represents a Big and on-going Opportunity

You can invest in real estate. That’s what we are using as one part of our investment strategy.
Real Estate represents an essential and integral part of the world’s economic structure regardless of the financial climate.
At the most basic level, everyone will always need a place to live, that is to say there will always be a market in rentals and affordable housing.

Buy or Start A Business

You can also buy or start a business. One of the booming areas for entrepreneurs is on-line information marketing. We are looking at that business, as well, to be part of our portfolio.

One of the leaders in on-line information marketing is Connie Ragen Green. Connie is such an inspirational person! She decided after many years of teaching and working a second job as a real estate broker to start an on-line marketing business. In a few short years she was making a 6 figure income from her efforts. Connie’s motto is, “If I can do it. You can do it!”

Let’s start creating more wealth in 2013! Let’s start working on joining the list of the 100 wealthiest people in the world!!

Free Offers

1) For your free copy of Connie’s introductory program about on-line information marketing,Super Summer Giveaway (it’s available year round) click here:
Super Summer Giveaway

2) For your free copy of our report on how you can develop the mindset and habits needed to become a successful real estate investor click here:

That’s right the information is FREE!

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The Four Steps for Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

You may be thinking, “How do I begin investing in real estate?” 

“How do I take the first step?”  You may even have a more basic

question, “Is this something that I really want to do?”  This post

discusses the four steps that you should take to help you answer

the question whether real estate investing is the right path for

 Investigating the Possibilities


1.         Search the Internet

Start your investigation by using the Internet.

The Internet can be an invaluable source of information about

getting started in this business of acquiring real property to

sell, rent, or develop. You can find thousands of  experienced

investors on the Internet who have websites and blogs, offer free

on-line seminars, and who are willing to send you free information

that can help you get started.  Before spending any of your own

money, look to the Internet as a source of free, timely, and

important information on how to become successful in this area of

business. I use the word business, because to be successful, you

must treat investing  as a business and not a hobby.

 2.         Read Books:  Continue your

investigation by reading books. Start by educating yourself about

the business. Your public library is full of free books that you

can borrow to study and find out more in-depth information about

getting started in property investing. You can also buy books if

you think they will be a long-term resource in your education about

this business.


3.         Attend Seminars:  After you have

a basic familiarity about this topic, and think this may be the

type of business that you are truly interested in pursuing, then

you should attend seminars where

you can meet other like minded-individuals.  As you are

investigating the possibilities of getting started in this

business, these seminars can be invaluable sources of information. 

At a real estate seminar you can find a network of individuals who

can be the source of encouragement and potential



4.         Conduct more specific

research: Once you have a better understanding of this

business and if you are still interested and excited, now you need

to get more specific in your investigations.  Find out about the

various opportunities for investing in real estate, such as: single-

family residential units, multifamily residential units, or

commercial properties like larger apartment complexes, shopping and

storage centers, and office



Once you have

investigated the possibilities about investing in real estate by

searching the Internet, reading books, attending seminars, and

conducting more specific research about the various opportunities

available, then you need to make up your mind.   Is real estate

investing really for me? Once you decide, please let us know. We

would love to hear from you.

Remember that with real estate

investing as one part of your financial plan, you can create the

life of your dreams by following a few time-proven strategies and

techniques. Download a free article on real estate investing at:

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It’s Because You’re Not Branded! Duh?

The Three Paths Through Your Financial Life

Pam and Dexter_Award_ultimate_author_bootcamp_london_dsc_0140
Connie Ragen Green, James Lafferty, the authors, Raymond Aaron, Dr. Mark McKerkow

Have you wondered why you are not as successful as you wanted to be? Have you wondered what was missing in your effort to take your business to the next level? Have you ever thought about branding?

Our business coach, Raymond Aaron, the New York Times best-selling author of “Double Your Income Doing What You Love,” teaches that there are three paths through life: )1 The Path to Broke, 2) The Path to Middle Income and; 3) The Path to Rich. Which path are you on? He often says that people fail financially and in business because they do not have the right brand or they are not branded at all.

In his latest book, “Branding Small Business for Dummies,” Raymond describes branding as “the science and art of making something that isn’t unique, unique”. According to him, “Branding in the marketplace is the same as branding on a ranch. On a ranch, branding is used to differentiate the cattle from every other rancher’s cattle. In the marketplace, it’s what makes a product or service stand out in the crowd of similar products. The right branding gets you noticed, remembered, and sold. Or should I say bought, because today it is all about buying not selling. Branding is the promises you MAKE and the promises you KEEP. If you’re always late, that’s your brand”

The Path to Broke
Did you know that most of the people in the world fall into this category? Recent statistics revealed that 61% of the population follow this path in life. They work on a standard job or in a business that pays just enough to keep up with inflation. On The Path to Broke, these people” pay everybody else first, (i.e. mortgage/rent, loans, utilities etc.), before that pay themselves. The only plan or financial goal they have to improve their condition is to get another JOB . They have no brand and they swim in the “sea of sameness” just like everyone else. How do I know this? I know because I followed this path for a number of years. I felt like I was on a treadmill. I wasn’t going anywhere fast! Are you following The Path to Broke?

The Path to Middle Income
The second path through life that people choose is called The Path to Middle Income. Thirty-six percent (36%) of the population choose this path in their financial lives. They seek education or they get a skill, license, or profession. They earn more than the folks in The Path to Broke, but they are not branded. A good example of this concept would be your local dentist, lawyer, or other professional. They may make good money but unless they are branded or invest wisely, they will always be within the financial boundaries of” middle income”. Again I am very familiar with this path because before I became educated about branding, this was my destiny. I thought that striving for anything else was reserved for the rich. The Path to Middle Income is a good category. However, I realized that I was still owned by my job. I could never be independently wealthy. Do you feel tied to your job or business? Are you unable to take a vacation because the job or business would stop if you were not there?

The Path to Rich
Then there is the third path, The Path to Rich. This is where only 3% of the population resides. The people in this category understand the importance of investing, developing and buying businesses, and most of all the importance of branding. They realize that protecting their brand is the most important thing for them financially.

What is Your Brand?
When you think of a good brand, what do you think of? Apple, Coke, Exxon, McDonalds? All these are multi-billion dollar brands. These companies spend millions of dollars each year promoting these brands so that you, the consumer, continue to buy their products and services. Also, these companies will do just about anything to protect the brand.
As a matter of fact, at a recent seminar that I attended, I had a chance to listen and learn from Mr. James Lafferty, the former CEO of Coca Cola in the Middle East and Africa. He stated that one of his main responsibilities while at Coca Cola was to promote and protect the Coke Brand. He also stated that managing your brand is the key to have a successful business that will last for years.
So, what are you doing to build and develop your brand? What do you stand for? How is your work product or service different from all of the other ones that are out there? Understanding this basic concept can move you from The Path to Broke to The Path to Rich.

If you want to be sure that you receive the next article on this subject: How Can I Develop a Brand to Grow My Business, don’t forget to sign up to follow this blog.

For more information about this topic and other wealth creating ideas go to to download your copy of The Book On Investing.

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Building Better Business Relationships

JT Foxx_Dexter_Steadman Graham_MegaPartnering
Dexter with JT Foxx and Stedman Graham

Do you have the types of relationships that are beneficial to your career or business? Are you networking with the right people? As you know, Your Network equals your Net Worth!

Here are seven reasons why your success depends far more on those all-important relationships than you realize:

(1) Any entrepreneur will tell you that their greatest asset is their network or circle of influence. It’s where opportunities come from. And when it comes to networking, doing it old school is a major distinguishing factor versus social networking. When you have a personal relationship with someone that creates a level of trust that sets you apart from the virtual hordes on the Internet. People do business with people they trust and know.

(2) Strong relationships make it easier to get information. Information is power. It could be about a major project, a potential customer, a big deal or ways to save money. When it comes to important stuff, you have to give to get, and you’re not going to get anything valuable from somebody who doesn’t have a relationship with you.

(3) Relationships get people through tough times. We’ve learned that, all things being equal, a good personal relationship will help you keep your job, win the business, or gain whatever it is you need. It can make the difference when times are hard. It also means you have someone to lean on. Try leaning on someone you hardly know.

(4) The bigger your business becomes the higher the stakes, the bigger the deals, the more important everything becomes. And that means people have to look you in the eye and feel confident that they know who they are dealing with and that you’ll do what you say you’re going to do.

(5) Companies today are leaner, and that means they have fewer, but stronger relationships. No kidding. It’s the same reason why manufacturers minimize their number of vendors, suppliers and components. Because it’s more cost effective that way. Also, there’s a cost associated with bad business because you didn’t know the person as well as you should have and he failed to meet a commitment. In addition, they understand that building stronger relationships with customers, the create clients for life.

(6) It may be easier than ever to work and communicate virtually, but all that does is level the playing field, meaning there’s nothing that distinguishes your relationship with an individual. There’s no real connection, no real bond, and when push comes to shove, you can’t expect that person to do anything special or to go the extra mile for you.

(7) Building good relationships is important in just about every other country on earth than they are in the U.S. Why that is, I don’t know. It seems as though every culture devotes more time and energy to personal relationships than Americans do. And the more global our markets become, the more important it is to get with the program.

Free Networking Events
If you want to find out how you can build better business relationships then join us at one of our networking events.

Send us an email to get information about these free networking events at:

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Sometimes It’s Not Just About The Money!

Dex and Pam
Dexter and Pam

We’ve been talking to you about the importance of having the financial freedom to do what you love, but it is important not to confuse being rich with being happy. A dream life is not just about the money. Most extremely wealthy people will tell you that having lots of money doesn’t automatically guarantee happiness and satisfaction. Those come when money is not the goal but a tool you use to obtain what you really want out of life.

For example, Pamela’s initial goals were best obtained by looking for opportunities to be an active, healthier, more productive member of society. Of course, that involved spending money and doing things for herself, but it also meant doing things for others — which is the very important other end of the spectrum.

Philanthropy has been a huge part of our lives and we’re very involved with our church and local charities. This past Christmas, for example, we rang bells for the Salvation Army and met many kind-hearted individuals while standing in front of Wal-Mart. We have learned that it is important for us to give both money and time to charitable endeavors.

We’ve talked to you about having a dream, setting goals, and wanting more out of life than going to work every day, just trading hours for dollars. Of course there is nothing wrong with that but, if you are like us, you want and can achieve so much more out of life.

We’ve also talked to you about being able to help people, which is the other end of the happiness equation. Investing has given us the opportunity to create the kind of life we want to live.

Now, we want to help others do the same, to realize that relying on a traditional job for financial security (for them and their families) is just not the answer. We all need to work, but it doesn’t have to be the proverbial 9-5. We’re not saying that you need to quit your job today.

What we are saying to you is that while you’re working and have that income, try to create some other kind of business or investment opportunity. Finding financial freedom isn’t going to happen if you are just having a portion of your paycheck going into a savings account or mutual fund. That’s not going to be enough in today’s economy.

The answer is to find a way to make money from your passion. What is it that you want? What are your dreams? What is your WHY?

We have several coaches who help us fulfill our dreams. One of those coaches is Connie Ragen Green. Connie is such an inspirational person! She decided after many years of teaching and working a second job as a real estate broker to start an on-line marketing business. In a few short years she was making a 6 figure income from her efforts.

I have personally met and talked to Connie and participated in her training programs. If you want to enhance your career, jump start your new business, or take your current business to the next level follow the link at the end of this post for the FREE Super Summer Giveaway (it’s available year round) to get some outstanding free information!
Super Summer Giveaway

That’s right the information is FREE! Connie will help you start to see the possibilities!!

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